Doing the work


Work as you normally would, commit and push your changes at the cadence that works for you. Please make one Pull Request for one Issue, rather than fixing several issues in one PR. It’s much easier for us to review and merge when a PR is focused on one issue.

Long Version

There are a few steps here that can help us review your pull request and ensure a smooth process when we take your code. All the tips described here make it easier for us to merge your changes with changes being made by other developers. On at least a daily basis, rebase the changes you are making on the master branch. This ensures that when you have completed your work, it merges easily into the master branch.

We recommend rebasing instead of merging the master branch into your fork because that creates a cleaner pull request.

Consider squash commits. A squash commit combines several original commit actions into one commit. The result is a single commit that shows all your changes. This isn’t necessary, but if you are comfortable doing it, please do.