Contributing to HTBox Projects


All of our projects are Open Source, and released under the MIT license. Before you do anything, ensure that working on our projects does not conflict with any of your employee agreements.

We manage project workflow using a form of 'volunteer scrum' process. It's essentially scrum, but because we know everyone is a volunteer, we expect large flucuations in velocity. We also know that our volunteers have other committments, and may need to pull away from an assigned task before it's completed.

The remainder of this document explains how our projects are organized, how to assign yourself work, and how to sumbit that work for review. We'll also explain how to submit ideas for work that you want to do to enhance our projects.

Finding a Task

Getting the Code

Building the Project

Doing the Work

Development Guidelines (Conventions and Patterns)

Submitting a Pull Request

Responding to Reviews


As we create FAQ items, we will post them here:

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